DSCF8805  Looking east across Millport town.  DSCF8836  Blue boat in Millport harbour.  DSCF9318  Beach fun on the Newton beach.  DSCF9566  Shallow water in Millport Bay.  DSCF9574  The view from the golf course over the Isle of Bute with the Cowal peinnisula in the background.  DSCF9576  Across the golf clubhouse and Millport Holiday Park to the Isle of Arran with the Isle of Bute to the right. 
DSCF0570 stitch  Millport town from the inner Eilean.  DSCF9577  View of Marine Parade with the mainland of Ayrshire in the background.  DSCF9615  Top of the island, the Glaidstane and a spectacular view of the Firth of Clyde.  P1000076  Firey sky behind the Arran peaks  P1000157  Fire and ice on Arran  P1000324  Could it be the Med'? 
P1000328  Sunset over Millport  P1000913  A clear day on Arran  P1000928  Help! Somebody tell her about the Eileans...  P1000929  What a relief - thought we were the target there.  P1000933  Strange beach sculptures - or is some kind of new sea creature.  DSCF0005  Safe, sandy beach at Kames Bay. 
DSCF0025  Peacefull evening in Kames Bay.  DSCF0226  The harbour from the Eileans  DSCF0228  The town from the Eileans  DSCF0505  There's something for everyone.  DSCF0517  Classic dinghys in the harbour.  DSCF0699  Passing gannet. 
DSCF0707  Passing cruise liner.  DSCF0715  You are never far from a bike on this island.  DSCF0721  Newton beach before the tourists arrive.  DSCF8772  Snowy peaks on Arran  DSCF8133  Sunset with the crocodile. (can you see him?)  DSCF8129  Time to head home - Kames Bay.